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Welcome to the beginnings of an anime Fanfiction club of sorts. Do you write fanfiction? Do you enjoy role playing your character? Then this is probably a good place for you to belong. To apply it is just a simple matter of filling out the form below and ofcourse reading this mini-FAQ. Membership priviledges include a badge for your webpage and membership to the discussion e-mail list to share and read other peoples work. Read on for more information on Muse Clio's Scriptures.

This page was last updated August 20, 1998.

What the heck is going on here?

This is the background. Instead of a bunch of fanfic writers sitting around discussing and reading each others work *yawn boring* it's you character. The poor things are stuck. Nuclear winter has finally hit, and its nasty cold out. All the characters are now stuck in a hotel *Club Anime :)* with nothing to do but tell stories and play with a barely working holo-room *kind of like a holo-deck from star trek...just with a higher rate of failure.*, new characters keep getting Matter-Missioned in *'s just complicated.* and the stories go on with the background of cabin-going on's. Aliances are formed amongst fanfic characters *fanfics cross other fanfics....the complications go on!*, some people even suffer a little cabin fever....that gets nasty. So here you are on the mailing list, *self made characters are a plus*, your character is stuck in a cabin and telling stories for fun. the spam is usually cabin life going very very wrong. So that is the Scripture of Clio, a brave new a cabin...with a bunch of unstable costume wearing hero types...oh boy.

Is there a specific kind of Anime Fanfiction that is only allowed?

Not really, you can write anything about any anime. Use your imagination. I just ask that the authors use a code in the subject lines of their e-mail fanfics. Authors not using a code in their fanfic subject lines will receive three warnings before they're membership is put on suspension. Three suspensions result in revoking the membership.

Aack! I understand, so what are the codes?

The codes are as follows you may also combine codes as you see fit. Suggestions of codes that I haven't covered may be sent to me. This generally helps people pick and choose what they are going to read.

  1. [EE] :these are for scary fanfics and even horror :)
  2. [LEMON] :these are for hentai fics.
  3. [HA] :humour fanfics
  4. [X] :crossover fanfics
  5. [UGH] :SPAM, ramblings, rants, silliness.
  6. [SM, RAN1/2, YYH, MKR, etc.] :codes for the anime series that your fic is from.
  7. [INTRO] :intro for new people, new characters, etc.
  8. [CAB] :Cabin Fic, this is for stuff writen about the goings on in the cabin. You are snowed in for a LONG time afterall. Spring is nowhere in sight.
  9. [ADV] :Adventure fanfic
  10. [HIS] :Historical fanfic
  11. [V] :Warning for extreme violence, graphic violence etc.
  12. [ALT] :alternative thinking fic, alternate universe, etc. twisted stuff.
  13. [MST] :feel like MST'ing? code it, but remember to face your consequences...they could MST you right back.
  14. [ADMIN] :Administrative stuff.
  15. [?] :Questions, cries for help
  16. [Sci/Fan] :Science Fiction or Fantasy
  17. [TIC] :Opinions on people's work, etc.
  18. [CLIO, RAN, etc.] :Character specific stuff.

What are the rules?

As with anything, there are some rules to follow to keep things running smoothly.

  1. TREAT OTHER WRITERS WITH THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE! You can have disagreements and such, but don't let it go too far.
  2. Use the codes, they are to help you and others seperate your reading for the day.
  3. Remember this is ultimately a story, not a role playing game. It's all for the fanfics...and a little cabin fever.
  4. Don't over quote. ex. don't quote an entire fic to just say that you liked it.
  5. Change subjects. If the conversation has changed from what the subject header says, change the header.
  6. Talk to me before you try and amaze everyone with your character, you wouldn't want that blowing up in your face. If you have problems you should talk to me aswell.
  7. Try to give your character a goal, a theme, something like that. Two dimension characters get!
  8. No overly powerful characters. I'm talking gods who eat galaxies for breakfast and such here. Where's the challenge in that? You need weaknesses.
  9. Try to keep it anime. I know it's hard sometimes, I've hit that wall before too. But try.
  10. Respect other people's characters. If you are going to use them in a fic, ask first.

So how do I get picked?

When you fill out the form there is a possibility that you won't be picked. This usually happens if the list is already overly crowded, or if your writing sample is too far in an extreme. Please don't be upset, just try again some other time.

I have more questions that you didn't answer here!

Well just e-mail me and I'll get to it. This FAQ is still in progress. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you think I should add something to this page, give me a suggestion. No harm in that. Author character bios will be put up at a later time.

So where is the form?!?

Alright alright, no need to get impatient! I'm getting to it :) to apply for membership just fill out this form.

Real Name

Real Age

e-mail address



Character Name

Sample writing/intro

Brief Character Bio

Fanfiction experiance

How long has this list been running?

Not very long at all. It's new. So here's your chance to be an original on something that promises to be pretty neat. So come on and join the Scriptures and let the fanfiction begin.

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